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Welcome to the Gamecraft Blog!

This blog is all about the craft of making games, and in particular, computer games. Gamecraft involves a broad range of topics, including design, development, quality control, packaging, marketing, management, and life experience. I intend to share the knowledge and information gained through more than a quarter century of programming games, as well as that obtained as we move into the future.

As my obligatory first post, it is appropriate to lay the ground rules for the blog. It seems to me that the primary danger in blogging is making an artificial commitment to a mostly invisible audience, so I will commit to nothing. This blog will be updated when I both have something to say and the time in which to type it. I believe that necessarily means that there will be flurries of activity (especially at the beginning) and some quiet patches (and inevitably a last big one). The topic will be interpreted as loosely as desired at the time of any post as well, though it is safe to assume that as a craftsman in the computer game industry, I will rarely stray too far.

May my words be worthwhile to save for posterity.

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