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  1. Nice blog

    I was searching Victormaxx for nostalgia purposes. I was a Director there. Too bad the VR HMD concept did not take off.

    I still have a prototype in my office! Norb


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  3. I hope you had a great Curmudgeon Day yesterday. I was visiting family in Chicago for Thanksgiving, and my mom and sister insisted on taking us shopping for Christmas gifts for the kids, and I struggled with wondering if this is one of those moments I needed to set boundaries for or one of those things we acquiesce to keep the holidays smooth.

    Anyway, I hope you are doing as well as you can be.

    • Well, they invoked “kids” so I guess as a parent you have little choice but to acquiesce. 😉

      Seriously, in my life I have watched the day after Thanksgiving go from a day where nobody worked nor went anywhere, since everything was closed, to destination holiday shopping trips, to Curmudgeon Day when *everyone* was just going out to get deals and cause immense traffic and danger, to many of the deals being online, to “Cyber Monday” (or “Weekend”) with basically everybody ordering online and fewer people creating and braving the crowds. I had to go out on Curmudgeon Day myself this year (to take care of cats for vacationing family members) and the general traffic was far less concerning; nobody tried to kill me while mindlessly operating a motor vehicle. I feel less militant about it. 🙂

      Coincidentally, I had an update post half written when the holidays hit, so that should drop fairly soon. Preview: I am still alive and functional. 😉

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