New cats

This is my first obligatory cat post.

A week ago, after a necessary feline hiatus of more than a decade, our family picked up two kittens that were on track to become barn cats otherwise. These are a couple of males from the same litter and are probably 3 months old, so they are getting closer to adult size but still behave like kittens. Without futher ado, let’s get to the pictures.

Socrates “Socks” Kitty:


Theseus “Theo” Kitty:


Theo and Socks relaxitating:

Theo and Socks

These two are likely to be fantastic mousers. The toy mouse that would have been hanging down in the second picture was ripped apart within a few minutes. Unfortunately for our budgerigar, they seem to have a very healthy interest in birds, too. Healthy, that is, unless you happen to be a parakeet. (We have not yet seen how they react to bats.)

Before anyone asks: No, I did not name these cats.

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