Casual Games Quarterly

A slight correction to the background for my last post.

Yesterday, I mentioned the Casual Games Quarterly put out by the Casual Games SIG of the IGDA (International Games Developers Association). I incorrectly implied that a second issue had not been published yet when, in fact (and unbeknownst to me), the second issue has been published, it is just not linked from the SIG page, which still (incorrectly) lists the first issue as “New!

Now that I have discovered my error (and theirs), here are the links to both issues of the Casual Games Quarterly:

The Technology Issue – Volume 1, Issue 1 [Summer 2005]
The Business Issue – Volume 1, Issue 2 [Winter 2005]

I extend my apologies to Wade Tinney of Large Animal Games for my oversight.

For more discussion of the primary content of yesterday’s post, see Thomas Warfield‘s comments on A Shareware Life today.

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