Quality takes time.

One of our three basic tenets at Digital Gamecraft is Quality. The applicable dictionary definition of quality is “superiority of kind”. As the term is intended and understood around here, it is an attitude that only excellent work is acceptable. This approach is represented by our corporate motto:

Nothing Short of a Masterpiece.

Note that we take this attitude to heart and always attempt to perform at the best of our abilities. It does not mean that we always necessarily succeed, nor (as per the earlier Voltaire quote) that we have to create perfection or the ultimate product. What it does mean is that we strive for the best and do not make decisions obviously contrary to that goal. When faced with a decision, we will sometimes recite this motto to remind ourselves of the objective.

For the next few weeks, I intend to republish a series of four of my articles, written for ASPects, the monthly newsletter of the Association of Shareware Professionals, on the topic of quality (game) software development. In keeping with the style and length of blog postings here, each article will be broken into sections. These were originally published about 3.5 years ago, but the content should be just as relevant today.

Please enjoy.

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