Quality: The Process, Part I [More to come]

[continued from Bug and feature tracking]

More to come

To this point, we have chosen a project, determined what we want to accomplish with the end product, and proved in the design document that we can meet our goals with it. We have recommitted to developing a quality product and we have devised our own system for tracking the features and the bug reports that will inevitably be received, and some of us have even populated the software with features from the design docs.
In short, we have established a strong foundation for quality software development.

Now, all of the real programmers among us are jumping up and down yelling, “Let’s get to the coding already!” With this foundation, we are in a great position to get started with the actual programming. Unfortunately, the discussion of specific glass box and black box techniques, including beta testing methods, will have to wait for the next installment.

I have some coding to do.

Gregg Seelhoff is an independent game developer who serve[d] on the ASP Board of Directors. He can be reached at seelhoff@sophsoft.com.

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