Family Update

Things change fast around here.

After 11 years of adult leadership in (first) Cub Scouts and (later) Boy Scouts, my wife and business partner, Sherry, has decided to reduce her active role. She decided that it was time to resign from her position as Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 2, and also to transition from her role as Charter Organization Representative for Cub Scout Pack 224/Marble Elementary School. She will remain an adult leader, working with Venture Crew 22, which involves boys and girls ages 14 through 21 but requires a smaller time commitment. This allows her to spend more time just with our family.

As it turns out, this change comes just in time. Tomorrow, James has another taping of QuizBusters, where East Lansing meets Eaton Rapids in the first round of the tournament. (East Lansing was in the last qualifying match and then ended up in the first tournament game.) At almost the same time, William has his first read-through for his role as Ralphie in a stage production of A Christmas Story. (Unfortunately, the script has not yet arrived, so a viewing of the movie will have to suffice for familiarization until tomorrow.) Thankfully, we both have the time to get them where they need to be, though we can each only watch one event.

This reminds me of an amusing idea told me by a parent who experienced the shock of going directly from one child to four by virtue of triplets. He said that parenting was like playing defense: with one or two, you can play man-to-man, but once you have three or more, you need to switch to zone.

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