Welcome to 2007!

It is good riddance to 2006, as far as I am concerned.

Looking back, business was good in 2006, with several product releases, especially with Goodsol Development. Personally, my immediate family did quite well, all things considered. However, the extended family situation was in some turmoil in the wake of the death of my father-in-law and the serious illness and hospitalizations of my mother-in-law. This made it harder to enjoy our successes.

Our company takes a break for the last two weeks of each year, encompassing New Year’s Day. This break is designed to allow for us to relax, celebrate, and return to work refreshed, and it usually works. This year, though, I spent much of the first week of the break driving back and forth between home and hospital dealing with an emergency surgery, a minor recovery and then serious downturn.

On New Year’s Eve, my mother-in-law ended 2006 for us by dying in the hospital. Thus, the second week of our break was spent making arrangements, grieving and mourning, attending a visitation and then the funeral, and beginning to handle the estate. Today is the first day that I have had in almost two weeks during which I could just relax.

At this point, I can think of nothing more refreshing than getting back to normal and returning to work at SophSoft, Incorporated and programming for Digital Gamecraft.

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