Pretty Good Solitaire 11.0.1

This first release of 2007 is just the start of a flurry.

Goodsol Development has just released Pretty Good Solitaire 11.0.1, the latest version of its flagship product. A 30-day evaluation (dare I say, shareware) version is available for download here. This version contains 660 different solitaire card games (that’s “more than 600,” Doc), though this particular update does not introduce any new games.

Instead, this release adds full Windows Vista compatibility to the title, prior to the general release of Vista scheduled (this final time) for January 30. This means using a new look program icon, replacing WinHelp with HTML Help, and fixing bugs caused by the Aero glass look and by restricted access to folders (one of each).

Although my code ships with this product, in DLL form, my function for this update was as lead tester, first getting Vista installed and then identifying and researching various issues to work well within the new operating system. Originally, the conversion to HTML Help was thought to be the main issue, but at the end of the day (actually, weeks), that was the one aspect that went fairly smoothly. This process has given me tons of material for upcoming blog posts, amongst the various release announcements.

Nothing with Windows Vista was straightforward, but now that we have identified the issues with icons, help files, limited user accounts, the Aero appearance, and Game Explorer, the rest of the releases should flow like rain. (How is that for a mixed metaphor?)

[knocking on wood]

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