Pretty Good MahJongg 2.32

This is our fourth product release in 2007.

Yesterday, Goodsol Development released Pretty Good MahJongg 2.32, an update to our unique tile solitaire game. This product contains not only traditional tile matching, with 280 different layouts (plus a layout editor), but also includes 55 different solitaire and puzzle games played with mahjongg tiles, most of which are original and exclusive to this product. One can download a 30-day trial version here.

This version of Pretty Good MahJongg, as with all of our recent release updates, provides better compatibility with Windows Vista, including a nice new program icon. Admittedly, this is the smallest of the updates, since we had already released an update back in November (2006) which added HTML Help to this title. In fact, that was the reason that we shipped the other updates (Pretty Good Solitaire 11.0.1, Action Solitaire 1.12, and Most Popular Solitaire 1.12) before this one.

One wonderful thing about our industry, and in particular, the virtual working environment, is that it is not as susceptible to certain types of business interruption (as long as ones internet connection remains functional). This release (as well as final build and testing) was published while Springfield was buried in snow. It was not substantially delayed by a driveway in need of shoveling nor by the tons of snow on the ground outside. Meanwhile, here in East Lansing, we have had relatively little snow, but we have not been forced to venture out into the very cold temperatures recently.

Anyway, this release completes all the Windows Vista updates for our major titles (though Thomas Warfield will still be updating his “Wizard” products that use the same library that we wrote for Pretty Good Solitaire). However, we still have an aggressive release schedule planned, and the fifth release is already in alpha testing. We currently have playable prototypes for the next two Goodsol titles, one needing some polish before beta testing, and the other awaiting artwork and requiring additional games to be implemented.

Everything looks positive, except this cold…

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