Shareware Industry Award nomination

Our game, Pretty Good MahJongg, received a 2007 SIA nomination.

Yesterday, the Shareware Industry Awards Foundation announced the nominees for the 2007 Shareware Industry Awards. These awards are presented annually at the Software (nee Shareware) Industry Conference in sixteen different categories (of which 2.5 are for games). What makes these special is the fact that the nominations and final voting are all done by other industry professionals, so the awards are determined by our peers.

This year, Pretty Good MahJongg was nominated in the Best Non-Action Game category. We are honored to have received this first nomination for this (deserving, in my opinion) game, and I want to thank everybody who nominated it. Pretty Good MahJongg has been my favorite game for a while now, and I am happy that it is receiving this recognition. I certainly hope that it will garner the award, but this is a much appreciated first step. If you are registered to vote, please vote for PGMJ when voting begins on May 24.

The competition is Pocket War, by Metal Shard, and Ant War 1, by Anarchy Enterprises. Ironically, both of the other two product titles include the word, “War”. If Pretty Good MahJongg can capture the pacifist vote, and the other two split the martial vote, we should be fine. Seriously, it definitely appears that all three products are quite different, so the results will be interesting.

In addition to the Shareware Industry Awards, there are also the SIAF People’s Choice Awards that are presented at the same ceremony. Voting for these awards is open to anybody (with an email address) and all software is eligible. If you want to vote for your favorite programs this year, you can do so by registering at and then submitting your selection of up to 7 (seven) programs before May 31.

Please vote for Pretty Good MahJongg on May 24, if you are registered, and please consider voting for PGMJ (and/or our other games) for a SIAF People’s Choice Award.


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