Software Industry Conference 2007 preview

This week I will be attending this conference in Denver, Colorado.

The Software Industry Conference, previously known as the Shareware Industry Conference (and the Summer Shareware Seminar before that), takes place this year from July 12th through the 14th, according to the web site. In truth, it begins with a reception on July 11th [tomorrow] and ends with a farewell breakfast on July 15th [Sunday].

With its renaming, this is either the First Ever or the 17th Annual Software Industry Conference, depending on how one chooses to count. Fortunately, the Shareware Industry Awards retains its previous name. Even more fortunately, our game, Pretty Good MahJongg, has been nominated for an SIA this year. The awards banquet is the last major event of the conference, on Saturday evening.

Aside from the new name, the other big story going into SIC is the number of regulars who have chosen to stay home this year. This list of non-attendees is led by Eric Isaacson (of ZIPKEY), who has never missed one prior to this year. Also, Thomas Warfield (of Goodsol Development) and my family opted out this year as well, leaving me in an otherwise empty vehicle on the road to Denver.

Honestly, I seriously considered not attending myself, but the nomination for Pretty Good MahJongg, as well as several industry friends who are going to be there, mean that I will be departing on the 1220 mile drive shortly.

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