Productivity Boost

Prolific Development Through Isolation

Over the past several weeks, I have been working very hard on a number of exciting new projects, all of which are making great progress.  In the process, though, I have managed to neglect and get a couple of weeks behind on my email, while essentially ignoring all other forms of inbound communication.

The result is that my productivity has increased greatly, while only missing one important piece of information.  Therefore, I have decided to make these changes to my workload permanent.  As of today:

  • I will shut down our email server.  It receives, literally, thousands of messages daily, of which 99.9% is spam; even messages addressed only to my legitimate email addresses are more than 96% spam.  Besides, the old hardware is locking up on a regular basis anyway.
  • I will remove telephone service from the office.  Our two voice lines are used almost exclusively for answering telemarketing calls, and our fax line is disconnected most of the time due to the high volume of spam faxes.
  • I will bring an end to our social media experiment.  In the time that I have been focusing on programming, I have not checked Facebook at all and do not feel that I missed anything.  I feel likewise about Twitter, which I have never checked.
  • I will no longer spend any more than one hour per year writing joke posts for this blog.  It is really too nice outside to be in here right now.
  • I will create a private contact page on our web site exclusively for those who pay us money.  Those wishing to pay us money can initiate contact via blog comments.
  • I will keep the post office box, despite the junk mail, as it is a direct means for us to receive money.  One can avoid the online back and forth by just attaching a check to your message and sending it to our business address.

I can feel my productivity on the rise already!

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