Careers (February Update)

Decent progress was made in January.

productivity gameIn order to enhance accountability in this productivity game based on Careers, I plan to post monthly updates to my progress.  As a reminder, the basic goal and object of the game is to reach 20 points in each of the three categories.

At this point, my scores (in deadline order) are:
Fame/Accomplishment:  3
Happiness/Health:  6
Money/Finances:  0  (or 0.7)

I certainly have a way to go on the last one, but my deadline for that is Thanksgiving, and the nature of the challenge is such that that momentum should build throughout the year.  (Anybody truly concerned can, of course, send me large checks or just wads of cash in an envelope.)

Happy Groundhog Day (and Imbolc)!

Today our local groundhog was not able to come out from his burrow without a shovel, so he slept in (rather than looking for a shadow); I think that means that we just got most of our winter at once.

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