Most Popular Solitaire

Early last week, we finished a brand new product, Most Popular Solitaire.

Most Popular Solitaire was released by Goodsol Development on August 30th. As the name implies, it contains 30 of the most popular solitaire games. The criteria used for the selection were which games are widely known (such as Klondike, Canfield, and Spider), played most often in Pretty Good Solitaire, or simply have some special significance.

All but one of the games in Most Popular Solitaire are among the 611 games implemented in PGS 10.2 (the current version). The one extra game, Crazy Quilt, involves a layout with cards rotated 90 degrees, a feature not available in PGS until the next version. This title provides an alternative for solitaire players who are overwhelmed by the huge selection of game in other titles (or who just want to spend a little less money).

One benefit of Most Popular Solitaire that will not appear in any feature list for the game is the fact that it uses an interface similar to that from Pretty Good MahJongg and Action Solitaire. The games themselves are very similar to Pretty Good Solitaire, and they even share the same high score lists. However, Most Popular Solitaire was written in Visual C++ and does not use any of the same code as the PGS executable. (It does share library code that is used in the card drawing library we wrote for Goodsol, though.)

The release of this title solidifies Goodsol Development as the undisputed leader in solitaire game software and sets the stage for further collaboration between Goodsol and SophSoft, Incorporated.

Stay tuned…

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