A Shareware Life 2.0

The same great content with a new look.

This week, Thomas Warfield‘s blog, A Shareware Life, moved fully to a new blog site, TypePad. Along with the move to a new service, A Shareware Life has a new look and, apparently, a reinvigorated author. I know that he has been planning this for a while, and there have been multiple posts daily since the changeover started.

A Shareware Life is the blog that I check most frequently, and that would be the case even if my company, SophSoft, Incorporated, were not working closely with his, Goodsol Development. I am not just saying that because he made Gamecraft his first new Link of the Day… honestly.

For a blog that I will not be checking often, see Solitaire Trader, which Tom launched earlier this month. That site just makes my head spin. Maybe someday when I have both time and money to spare…

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