Happy Birthday, Gamecraft

This Gamecraft blog has now been around for a full year.

As of this posting, Gamecraft is a year old! It hardly seems that it has been that long. Of course, that could be the fact that I am not posting here every single day, or it could simply be that I have been so busy over this period that the time flew right by. My wife will probably contend that it is because I have no sense of time, which I always counter with the observation that this is true for all of the very best game programmers.

Reflecting back over these twelve months, a great deal has been happening here at Digital Gamecraftâ„¢ and SophSoft, Incorporated:

  • We completed a new product, Most Popular Solitaire, for Goodsol Development.
  • I testified before the Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee in opposition to video game restrictions.
  • We finished two significant upgrades to Pretty Good MahJongg, with another in development.
  • I attended and reported on Future Play 2005, the first major game conference here in East Lansing.
  • We finished a major update to Action Solitaire, and another upgrade is the works.
  • I gave formal talks to Spartasoft and to the IGDA – Michigan South chapter.
  • We added functionality to the card library for a new version of Pretty Good Solitaire.
  • I attended SIC 2005, where Pretty Good Solitaire won a People’s Choice Award.
  • We produced several game designs, including those for two titles currently in development.
  • I helped launch the ASP Indie Game SIG within the Association of Shareware Professionals.
  • We sponsored the Campfire under the Full Harvest Moon event at the Grand Rapids Schmooze.
  • I went ice racing again and even led part of a lap before wrecking my car rather spectacularly.

For a partial list of blogged accomplishments over the course of a year, that is not too bad. The next year is shaping up to be even busier, but I am intending to post more often about this craft of game development. I certainly hope that it has been and continues to be a worthwhile read for the hundreds of people who check here regularly. Maybe by this time next year, that will be “thousands”.

Thanks for reading.

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