Happy Curmudgeon Day

We have another celebration to end a “happy” week.

Today is Curmudgeon Day, one of my favorite holidays. Although it has not, as of yet, been recognized as a state, national, or international holiday, it has been a tradition around here since well into the last millennium. I first wrote publicly about Curmudgeon Day a year ago, and here is the definition from that previous entry:

Curmudgeon Day is to be celebrated by never leaving the house, a practice which I faithfully observe every year. This is a day that many Americans have off from work as part of a four day weekend, and it is hyped by the media as the official start of the Christmas shopping season (despite the encroachment of Christmas promotions into October or September). This results in a shopping frenzy, making this the largest day of the year for retail sales. I am willing to bet it is also ranked high on the list of most dangerous days to be on the road, and simple observation informs my conclusion that it is the day that the most braindead walk (and drive) the Earth.

Online research has shown that retailers are trying to usurp the Curmudgeon Day celebrations by referring to the day as Black Friday, or sometimes Green Friday. In response, another pretender has attempted to make it into a day of protest against consumerism as Buy Nothing Day, which usually, but does not always, coincide with Curmudgeon Day.

The theme for Curmudgeon Day is relaxation. I am officially “Out Of Office” for the complete 24 hours, and I do whatever I want to do. Often, that means working on a pet project for which I could not normally justify the time, or just playing games that I enjoy. So far today, I have actually been working on the same exciting project that I have been developing all week (and before that), by choice.

I do not have to work on that (or any) project today. That is the point.


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