Three Weeks to SIC 2006

The shareware industry’s premier conference is just around the corner.

On July 12, the Shareware Industry Conference gets underway in Denver, Colorado. This will be the second year there, as it traditionally stays at the same venue for two consecutive years. There are rumors that it will be in Denver in 2007 as well, which would be the first time that a city has had it more than a couple times since the original Summer Shareware Seminar left its Indianapolis home. Of course, we will only know that for certain once we check in and read the back page of the conference booklet.

This will be my sixth time attending SIC, now in its 16th year. I mistakenly decided not to go to the very first one (back in 1991) for silly reasons, and I now seriously regret having failed to attend. I recommend this conference to anybody who has an interest in marketing and selling software online, regardless of whether or not he or she uses the term “shareware”.

It appears that, for the first time, I may be speaking at the conference. I am tentatively scheduled to give a presentation entitled, Practical Interface Guidelines: Things they did not teach us in programming class. I am not really sure that this will happen until the SIC 2006 Schedule of Events lists my talk (presumably on Friday at 3:30pm). We shall see.

Anyway, for anybody attending SIC, I should be wandering the lobby areas and attending sessions for the duration. I should also be at all the official events, including the ASP luncheon, as well as the unofficial AISIP offsite lunch. I look forward to seeing friends and meeting new people, so be sure to say “Hi!”.

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