Friday Funny

Jon Stewart has taken notice of the absurdity of anti-game hearings.

Recently, on Comedy Central‘s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart had an amusing segment about the attempts to vilify video games by our government. In particular, he focused on the hearing held by a House of Representatives subcommittee on June 14. Individual clips of comments by legislators are shown (with appropriate commentary).

The entire segment is available for viewing here. (Thanks to Gamasutra for the link.)

I find it rather telling that in one of the clips where a legislator, the “father of three young boys”, expresses concern about video game content, he seems to actually struggle to remember the ages of his own children. Stewart’s commentary at this point is dead on accurate. It would be even funnier if people did not seem to take these idiots seriously.

Seriously, the House of Representatives is filled with insane jackasses.
— Jon Stewart

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