SIC 2006 Wrapup

It has been 2.5 months since the date of my last post…

Lots has been happening in my life, both personal and professionally, since the Shareware Industry Conference ended in mid-July. It took me way too long to transcribe my SIC 2006 Diary, but here are links to these previous blog entries:

To quickly conclude the conference trip… Sunday morning breakfast; other hotel guests stealing conference food and drink. SIAF award for Pretty Good MahJongg at 14110 feet above sea level (top of Pike’s Peak); climbing at Devil’s Playground; cooked brakes requiring mandatory 30 minute rest. Hotel stay in Lamar, Colorado; poor choice, whole town smells like fertilizer. Stop for lunch in Hutchinson, Kansas; thermostat reads 112 degrees Fahrenheit. Dinner at The Machine Shed in Olathe (Kansas City); excellent food, highly recommended. Stay at hotel in Kearney, Missouri; cow statues do not stink. Early morning stop at Locust Creek Covered Bridge, built in 1868; very peaceful. Midday visit to (old) Goodsol Development World Headquarters in Springfield, Illinois, followed by lunch at historical Cozy Dog nearby. Arrival back home at SophSoft Tuesday evening. Work on backlog ensues.

During the conference, I gave a presentation entitled, Practical Interface Guidelines: Things they did not teach us in programming class. As promised you can now download my PowerPoint file here: PracticalInterfaceGuidelines.ppt [97K] (or [18K]).

For your convenience, here are links to each of the items on the Resources page of the presentation:

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