Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish for everybody to have a great Thanksgiving and/or Thursday.

Today is the most travelled holiday in the United States, traditionally for family gatherings. This year, we have opted to stay home with immediate family and a friend or two for Turkey Day, serving a large, and fairly common, meal of turkey and stuffing, ham, potatoes and gravy, green beans, and of course, cranberry sauce, with a raspberry pie for dessert. (In truth, baking that last item from frozen will be all I am allowed to do.)

Our tradition is for each person to briefly talk about what has made us thankful over the previous year, so here goes:

On the business end of things, I am thankful that our company is successful, with several projects in development, and especially thankful for these major game releases:

For the personal side, I am thankful that, despite a death and another serious illness in our extended family, my wife and children are all healthy and thriving, and very thankful that our family is strong and close in this last year together before our older son departs for college.

Now, we get to enjoy some good food (and listen to Alice’s Restaurant) at the start of the holiday season, before we wrap up our 2006 development and head into our end of year break.

Interesting tidbit: I am a direct descendant of William Bradford, Governor of Plymouth Colony, who arrived on the Mayflower and is credited with being responsible for the first Thanksgiving years ago. According to Wikipedia, I share that lineage with Hugh Hefner (as well as hundreds, if not thousands, of other Americans, I suspect).

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