Happier Curmudgeon Day

An oxymoron, you say? Definitely.

Today is Curmudgeon Day, the most important and least meaningful holiday here in our household. All of my time is recorded as Out Of Office and I do whatever I choose to do, whether that be programming, playing games, sleeping, or posting on this blog.

Here is what I have written about this holiday over the past two years:

Traditionally, one aspect of Curmudgeon Day is deliberately not leaving the house for any reason. Alas, this year that cannot be observed religiously, but of course, that is exactly in keeping with the spirit of the day. Our Thanksgiving celebration ended with board games and lasted beyond midnight, passing from one major holiday into the next, and I had… no… chose to drive a friend home. We are also expecting a check at our post office box, and receiving money, rather than spending it, is also an honorable pursuit on this day.

Whatever you choose to do on this holiday Friday, please enjoy yourself. Play a game for me.

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