The Dot Net Preacher

Ryan Smyth interviewed me for a podcast on game development.

Last week, I was interviewed by Ryan Smyth (pronounced with a long I sound) for his online show, The Dot Net Preacher Show. We talked for more than an hour, on and off the record, about getting into game development, cross platform development, and of course, the perceived benefits and drawbacks of .NET from the perspective of a game developer who still primarily programs native code. I also reveal and briefly discuss our current project and platform (but you will have to either listen to the podcast or wait for a future blog post to learn that).

Today, Ryan posted the (edited) interview on his site: Interview with Game Developer Gregg Seelhoff.

This interview runs to only 54:56 and was conducted via Skype, between East Lansing, Michigan and Seoul, South Korea, in the late evening and early morning, respectively.

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