Festivus (and the rest of 'em)

The end of year holiday season is in full swing!

Today is Festivus, or as my friends and I used to call it as children, Christmas Eve Eve. I will definitely be airing grievances during the feast, and my current feat of strength (of will) consists of keeping most of the annual disappointments out of this post. Actually, if we seriously followed this Festivus tradition, the holiday would continue year ’round; nobody pins this head of household.

A busy week for celebrations (a.k.a., “Seven Holidays for Seven Days”):

  • Sunday: Winter Solstice (7:04am local time)
  • Sunday: Hanukkah began at sunset
  • Tuesday: Festivus
  • Wednesday: Christmas Eve
  • Thursday: Christmas
  • Friday: Boxing Day
  • Friday: Kwanzaa begins

On Friday, our social soccer club also has our annual friends and family soccer game. (Since somebody actually asked: We are playing indoors at Lansing Indoor Sports Arena, and definitely NOT outdoors.)

We officially left the office last Friday for a two-week break, but unofficially I have been working extended hours every day since then. I will either quit for the year or collapse soon. In either case, I wish all of the readers of this blog a…

Happy New Year!

Thanks for your support in 2008.
Signing out until 2009.

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