Curmudgeon Day 2009

Curmudgeon Day Defined

Curmudgeon Day is the day after Thanksgiving (in the United States), a quasi-official holiday that extends the weekend to four days.  It is celebrated by staying home and doing whatever activities suit you, whether spending time on something important or nothing worthwhile at all.  Notably, this involves not flocking like a braindead zombie to retail outlets because advertising and the media tell you to do so.

Learn all about the holiday by reading Curmudgeon Day posts going back to 2004 (although the tradition dates much further back than that).

Today, I played soccer with friends, spent time with my family, watched television, and emptied the backlog on my ‘to do’ list.  I am now ready to return to work refreshed and reinvigorated.

“Whatever! Whatever! I do what I want!!”Eric Cartman

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