Most Popular Solitaire 2.01

A maintenance release of our popular Windows and Mac game is released.

Last week, Goodsol Development published Most Popular Solitaire 2.01, an update to this title available for both Windows and Mac OS X.  This update fixes a couple of bugs that were uncovered since the release of MPS version 2.00 back in May.

Most Popular Solitaire is a collection of 30 of the most popular solitaire games, including Klondike (a.k.a., Solitaire), FreeCell (same deals as Windows FreeCell), and Spider (plus the One Suit and Two Suits variants), as well as some more unusual games, such as Crazy Quilt.  There are 13 more bonus game variants for registered users, for whom this is a free (and recommended) update.

If you are looking for a fun collection of solitaire games, but feel overwhelmed when confronted with hundreds of different games, try Most Popular Solitaire.  You can download and try either the Windows 98/Me/XP/Vista/7 version or the Mac OS X 10.4+ version, or you can simply and safely purchase online for only $16.95 (with an optional CD for $7.50).

Note that the Windows and Mac OS X are compatible, such that all initial deals are identical, saved games can be exchanged between platforms, and they both use the same online high score tables.  This allows for result comparisons and discussion of games in the (active) Goodsol discussion forum.

(Yes, we have been very busy on the development side lately, and an even bigger release is scheduled for next week…)

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