Moving forward in 2011.5

Digital Gamecraft continues on.

Despite the loss of a founding partner, Rick Tumanis, we at Digital Gamecraft are still committed to making fun, high quality games, following the vision that he helped refine.

While Rick’s artistic talents will surely be missed, his guidance and friendship cannot be replaced.  When I last saw Rick in person, I joked about how our plans for the year, and even the annual company meeting, had slipped to the point that we were actually setting our 2011.5 goals.  However, we did establish our goals for the next year and planned the tasks to achieve them; despite the serious setback, we aim to maintain our decided course of action.

Interestingly, in the requisite reassessment in the wake of our Art Director’s sudden and unexpected death (of natural causes), I found that there was no need or desire for any significant course corrections, professionally or personally, as we were already moving toward what we wanted (i.e., “what is really important”).  The only change may be my level of commitment: I am extra focused on development (and spent a lot of time on that this past week), somewhat less likely to blow off a workout, and still grateful for time I get to spend with my family (including a nice vacation day in the very near future).

We still have a game in the development pipeline with Rick’s artwork, plus another at Goodsol Development, so look for those to be released before the end of the year.


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