Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition 2.42

Solitaire for Mac OS X with 420 different games

Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition 2.42This week, Goodsol Development published Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition 2.42, an upgrade to our largest collection of solitaire games for Mac systems.

Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition now has 20 new games, bringing the total to 420 kinds of solitaire, plus another 62 bonus variants in the full version.  This version is a free upgrade for all previous PGSME customers.

The interesting thing about the 20 new solitaire games in version 2.42 is that several of these games were selected by customers via the Pretty Good Solitaire page on Facebook, as well as in the Goodsol forum.  That’s right!  We not only take requests for a game, but sometimes even design original solitaire games for particularly active forum participants (e.g., Richard’s Patience).

The new games (in alphabetical order) are:

  • Acme
  • Block Ten
  • Cadran
  • Capricieuse
  • Demon
  • Double Easthaven
  • Double Golf
  • Double Trigon
  • Harp Rush
  • Huge Spider
  • Kingdom
  • Nine by Five
  • Open Doublets
  • Opus
  • Quadruple Trigon
  • Richard’s Patience
  • Right and Left
  • Seven by Four
  • Six by Four
  • Trigon Left

This is our first product release of 2013, finalized on our first business day of the year, but I can assure you that many more are yet to come.

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