I Resolve – 2010

I Resolve

To do what I want,
and to make a living,
To enjoy myself
for a long time.

To have priorities,
and to stay on task,
To keep in touch
with friends and colleagues.

To learn my craft,
and to teach what I know,
To help when available,
and reach those I can.

To be safe and secure,
and to remain aware,
To have clean surroundings
for a simpler life.

To take care of myself,
and to watch over my family,
To find the energy and integrity
to be true to me.

One thought on “I Resolve – 2010

  1. I have never written a poem before, and the essence of this one just suddenly came to me late last year. I wrote the initial version at that time, but rather than publish it when everybody else was doing resolutions, I chose to wait and publish it instead on the Summer Solstice (Midsummer).

    The text of this poem is a different representation of the main items on my task list, and it reminds me why I actually do these things. Sometimes one can forget.

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