Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition 2.12 (and more!)

A new version of our premier Solitaire for Mac OS X is released.

Pretty Good Solitaire iconThe autumn release schedule at Goodsol Development was kicked off with the release of Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition 2.12 on August 17th.

Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition is a Solitaire program that (currently) supports 200 different solitaire games.  PGSME 2.12 is a maintenance release that fixes a number of minor issues that have been reported by users.  You can download this free update here.  All registered users will be eligible for a free upgrade to PGSME 2.2, with 300 games, when it is released later this year, so Buy Now!

There is something for Windows users, too.

Of course, the flagship product is Pretty Good Solitaire (for Windows), so the same day also saw the release of Pretty Good Solitaire 12.4, which increases the total number of different Solitaire games to 750 (adding 10 new games).  You can purchase a copy here or download an upgrade/trial version here.  This release is the special 15th Anniversary Edition.

Unlike other Goodsol titles, these two versions of Pretty Good Solitaire are built from completely different code bases, in different languages, by different programmers.  I developed the Mac OS X version, and Thomas Warfield has been writing/improving the Windows version since 1995!  The dual release turned out to be almost double the usual work for a single “SKU” release (for Thomas, not me) so the upgrades are likely to be staggered going forward.

Even more is yet to come.

In the coming months, there are going to be releases every couple of weeks, with upgrades to all of the other major titles in Goodsol’s product lineup, including Most Popular Solitaire, Goodsol Solitaire 101, Pretty Good MahJongg, and even Action Solitaire.  Those who are paying attention will note that a “couple of weeks” have already passed, and true to this schedule, FreeCell Plus 4.02 was released two days ago.  I will write more about that next week.


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