FreeCell Plus 4.02

Our package for FreeCell enthusiasts is updated.

As mentioned in my previous post, FreeCell Plus 4.02 was released at the end of last month, continuing the Goodsol Development autumn release party (which should continue into November).

FreeCell Plus splash screen

FreeCell Plus is a Solitaire game program available for both Windows and Mac OS X.  It includes the best version of FreeCell, one of the most popular types of computer Solitaire, along with 11 similar games (8 of which are playable in the trial version).  This free update fixes a few minor bugs on each platform and updates it to using the latest engine.  FreeCell Plus 4.02 is still available to purchase for the low, low price of only $9.95.

So, where have you been for the last three weeks?

Me?  Well, first of all, I have been recovering from a bad cold.  Perhaps it would not have been nearly so bad had I taken the time to actually get over it, but one disadvantage of working at home (and having a heavy release schedule) is the opportunity/pressure to keep working through illness.  Fortunately, the outcome has been positive.  (See below.)

Secondly, in a quirkily parallel situation, our server had some issues in presenting the blog.  Disappointingly, a system upgrade downgraded our copy of WordPress, effectively reversing all of the recent improvements, and caused some difficulty.  When I thought I had the problems fixed, it turns out that in my foggy state I missed one important file, so the blog was actually broken until this week.  (The fact that comment spam completely stopped should have a been a clue…)

Finally, and most importantly, I was working on a version of FreeCell Plus for a popular touch device developed by a company on Infinite Loop in Cupertino.  Internally, we have a playable version in the prototype phase, and we are now actively working on our recliner-based test methods.  Stay tuned to find out more in the near future.

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