Pretty Good Solitaire 13.2

Goodsol’s flagship Windows game gets even bigger.

PGS 13.2 for WindowsThis week, Goodsol Development released Pretty Good Solitaire 13.2, the leading Solitaire program for Windows.  This new version now includes 780 (!) different Solitaire games, including all of your favorites, such as Klondike (a.k.a., “Solitaire“), FreeCell, and Spider, as well as many games not available anywhere else.

Pretty Good Solitaire 13.2 is available for download here, and it is a free upgrade for any customers who have purchased since version 12 (i.e., in the last 4 or 5 years).

The 10 new games in this update are:

  • Alloway Kirk
  • Five Pirates
  • Kettle Hill
  • McCarver
  • Open Peek
  • Pyramid Rank
  • Richard’s Patience
  • Undercover Aces Easy
  • Weddings
  • Yukon Two Suits

Aside from a little bit of play testing, I actually did no development work on this product; this is actually a triumph because our GDcard playing card library, which still runs the display of cards, symbols, and backgrounds, as well as the card animations, continues to work flawlessly.  Thomas Warfield (Goodsol) did all of the development work for this update.

Of course, now that Thomas has added yet another 10 games to the Windows version, it is now time for me to retaliate on Mac OS X, so look for a Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition update, with 400 games, coming soon to an internet near you!

2 thoughts on “Pretty Good Solitaire 13.2

  1. If you are talking about our Products page, those are the icons for the games themselves.

    On the other hand, if you are talking about the icons in Pretty Good Solitaire (or the game list from other Goodsol games), those are a visual representation of the type of game. For example, all Klondike type games have the polar bear icon, while Spider games have a spider icon.

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